Mountain Goat

Mountain GoatThe Upper Elk Valley has the highest density of mountain goats in North America, estimated at 4.6 goats per square kilometre. At Elk Valley Bighorn Outfitters, we offer the trophy hunter unsurpassed opportunity for the pursuit of goats in the Rockies.

Hunting is primarily by horseback, where a well-maintained network of horse trails access the mountain basins these goats call home. This allows for very reasonable stalk distance comparably. Success is near 100%, and hunters will often look over 60 plus goats before selecting a billy of their choice. Size averages 9-10 inches in length, with some goats exceeding 50 inches. The season runs from early September through to November. We combine mountain goat hunts with elk, moose, and sheep, and have had good success on these combinations. As these animals are on a quota basis, hunts are often booked a year in advance.

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