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OUTFITTER - Sam Medcalf

I grew up in the Elk Valley, hunting and exploring the mountain trails. Guiding for Elk Valley Bighorn Outfitters became a passion, and when the opportunity to purchase the business arose, I worked hard to make a dream become a reality. Now I strive to provide quality experiences to my clientele, continually improve the business, and advocate for the wildlife and habitat of the upper Elk Valley. As an active conservationist, I’ve been involved in several local wildlife studies including collaring bighorn sheep and elk in the Elk Valley. I sit on the Guide Outfitters Association Board as President of Southern Guide Outfitters, as well as on the Regional Wildlife Advisory Council. My wife Jenna continually supports me in this 365 day per year endeavour, and will often accompany me during the summer pack trips.


In 1983 and 1984 Robert Fontana purchased two adjoining territories in the north end of the Elk River Valley. Over the next 20 years he and his wife Anna established a large, functional basecamp with running water, developed a series of backcountry camps equipped with cabins, and cut miles and miles of horse trails to access the mountains and valleys. Robert and Anna established a reputation for providing high success, quality hunting experiences, and a first class operation. In 2004, while hunting in Africa, Robert was tragically killed by a cape buffalo. Anna Fontana continued to operate the business until 2016, when myself and Ryan Damstrom purchased the business from her.

Our Location In The Rockies

The guide territory is located in the upper portion of the Elk River Valley of British Columbia, which lies just west of the continental divide south of Banff, Alberta and north of Glacier Park in Montana. It is a valley of stunning rugged mountains, alpine lakes, forests, and meadows. Fortunately, years ago there was foresight to protect much of this landscape, and because of that wisdom the Elk Lakes and Height of The Rockies Provincial Parks were formed and ensure the backcountry remains wilderness. The waters are home to genetically pure Westslope Cutthroat trout, the mountains provide the ideal habitat for mountain goats and boast one of the highest densities in the province. The valley is a breeding hub for grizzly bears, the home of bighorn sheep, and the summer range for migratory herds of elk.

Accommodations And Camps

There are three main camps, Base Camp, the Westfork Camp and the Aldridge Creek Camp. Base camp is accessed by vehicle from a gravel forestry road, and is our main staging area. It consists of a large main cabin equipped with kitchen and dining area, as well as an area to lounge. This cabin has hot water and showers. There are also multiple smaller detached cabins for hunter and guide accommodations. Electricity is supplied by a diesel generator. The Westfork camp is approximately a two-hour horse ride from Base Camp, and also consists of a main cabin for cooking and eating, along with three detached guest cabins. Electricity is once again supplied by a small generator. The cabins are rustic and comfortable. Aldridge Creek consists of a main cabin, one guest cabin, a tack shed, and corral, and also has generator power. All cabins are rustic and comfortable, and heated with wood stoves.


Elk Valley Bighorn is a horse operation. We have a large string of dependable, sure footed, mountain horses, that get you there and back! With the hunting area being mostly non-motorized access we use horses not only for hunting, but also to pack supplies into our backcountry camps. Non horse options are available.