History of Elk Valley Bighorn

 In 1983 and 1984 Robert Fontana purchased two adjoining territories in the north end of the Elk River Valley. Over the next 20 years he and his wife Anna established a large, functional basecamp with running water, developed a series of backcountry camps equipped with cabins, and cut miles and miles of horse trails to access the mountains and valleys. Robert and Anna established a reputation for providing high success, quality hunting experiences, and a first class operation. In 2004, Robert died in an accident while hunting in Africa. Anna Fontana continued to operate the business until 2016, when myself and Ryan and Denise Damstrom purchased the business from her.

Going forward, both Ryan and I will continue to maintain the reputation of the area, while operating as two separate operations. I operate the north end of the territory, and Ryan in the south.  Sheep and Grizzly Bear hunts are done together, so that we can take advantage of the entire territory, this is not required for other species.
– Sam Medcalf