General Info

About Sam Medcalf:
Sam Medcalf
Growing up in the Elk Valley I developed a passion for hunting, horses and wilderness. Ten years ago I started guiding for Elk Valley Bighorn Outfitters and was hooked from the start. The adventure of guide outfitting was something I could not resist, and after years of hard work, the purchase of this outfit has been a dream come true.  I am passionate about wildlife, and maintaining wild places to hunt. Accordingly, I am an active member for several conservation organizations, including the BC chapter of BHA.

Trophies & Meat:

  • Field care of meat and trophies is included in the cost of the hunt.
  • If an animal is taken early enough in the hunt we can have the meat taken to a local butcher for processing, as well it can be frozen for shipping.
  • Guides are responsible for caping and salting of trophies. Also available is Dakota Taxidermy (1-800-669-9217) who can expedite your trophies to the US for mounting, or to the taxidermy of your choice.

Elk Valley Bighorn is a horse operation. We have a large string of dependable, sure footed, mountain horses, that get you there and back! With the hunting area being mostly non-motorized access we uses horses not only for hunting, but also to pack supplies into our backcountry camps. Non horse options are available.
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The guide territory is located in the north end of the Elk Valley, with Banff to the north, and Glacier National Park, Montana to the south. The territory borders the continental divide, with no hunting permitted on the Alberta side of the border. There are also no other adjoining guide territories. Base camp is accessed by vehicle, and is approximately a 2 hour drive from Sparwood, BC. Most foreign hunters arrive in Kalispell MT, Cranbrook BC, or Calgary AB airports.